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We remain dedicated in our belief in the importance of service, quality and above all, integrity. Our goal is to make sure that EVERY single one of our customers are happy and satisfied EVERY single time. Longevity based on repeat business and referrals is our focus for years to come. 

Janitorial and maintenance supplies

Quality Products

Over the past 20 years, we have established a reputation for providing the highest- quality and most innovative specialty maintenance products in the industry. Over 500 products covering 20+ categories and hundreds of applications are yours to benefit from. With combined decades of experience, our team is here to help you find the products you need to get the job done. We take pride in forming and maintaining long lasting relationships AND friendships!


SAM Verified Vendor for over 20 years

Currently registered and active in www.SAM.gov

Woman & Minority Owned Small Business

D-U-N-S®: 024537146


WOW! Stainless Steel ™️

stainless steel cleaning wipes and spray. certified green product

These Stainless-Steel Cleaner Wipes still remain our top selling product. They clean, polish and protect stainless steel surfaces in one easy step! Also, they’re a Certified Green Product and have ZERO percent hazardous ingredients. They’re the perfect alternative to aerosol cleaners where slips from fallout are a concern and the fumes can cause respiratory issues.  Ideal for Use On:  Cooking and Refrigeration Equipment  Elevator Doors and Walls  Vending Machines  Escalator Walls  Beverage Dispensers  Restroom Stall Partitions**Also avail in 16 oz spray bottles**

Green Fire (Ice Melt)


Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium Chloride Blend This granular ice melt dissolves snow and ice in temperatures as low as 0˚F. It is safe to use on concrete or asphalt, and is enhanced with a green color indicator to prevent under application and waste. It is non-caustic to skin, and can be applied by hand. Ideal for Use On  Sidewalks  Driveways  Stairs  Parking lots  Cement  Concrete  Asphalt  Flagstone Features and Benefits  Works immediately to melt ice, frost, and snow  Non-corrosive to concrete when used as directed  Does not leave a residue on carpets and floors  Generates exothermic heat to power through thick ice deposits

Grounds Maintenance


We offer the industry's most comprehensive selection of herbicides for nearly any application. 

Selective and Total kill, Total Kill with residual, Aquatic, Bulk, Granular, and Aerosol herbicides.



We have many efficient aerosol products, including cleaners & polishes, disinfectants, graffiti remover, rust converters, insecticides, and various scents of metered air fresheners such as: Berry, Apple Pie, Vanilla and Mango...just to name a few!



Our automotive line includes washes, innovative waxes, protectants, fuel additives, and de-icing products. From one-step wahs & waxes for automatic car washes to heavy-duty truck washes, to safety solvents and protectant wipes, you'll find the products you need to keep cars & trucks, plus the facilities that care for them, looking new!

Bacterial/ Enzyme Digestants


Our unique bacteria & enzyme products are top pf the line because of three critical factors: bacteria are packaged in spore form for longer shelf life, products are task-specific for better performance and our bacteria doubles in count every twenty minutes. Available in liquid & powder form for cleaning, odor control and drain maintenance.

Top Selling Products for Hospitals

Keeping hospitals clean is vital. From waiting rooms to patient rooms- we provide the unique combination of product distribution and above excellent customer service to help you meet your mandates and regulations- and keep patients, visitors and employees healthy!

WOW! Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protectant Wipes (pdf)


#1565- Wood Cleaner:Polish Wipes (pdf)


#1558- Crystal Clear Glass Wipes (pdf)


#1567 4n1 Disinfectant Wipes (pdf)


URINAL SCREEN (Mango, Strawberry, Sunburst, Vineyard, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Evergreen, Herbal Mint, Fruit Basket, Orchard Spice, Clean Cotton, Citrus Grove, Fresh Garden, Midnight Sky) (pdf)


#542- BIO MAX OC (all purp restroom cleaner/mint odor counteractant) (pdf)


#140- Heavy Duty Bowl Cleaner (pdf)


#691- Gel Mold & Mildew Remover (pdf)


#8104- Chewing Gum Remover (pdf)


#1706- Jewel Floor Finish (pdf)


#179- Total Green Neutra-Kleen (pdf)


#1716- Chisel (heavy duty floor stripper) (pdf)


#710sal- Salt Rinse (pdf)


#543- BIO-FLOW™️ (pdf)


#528- Bio-Action ™️ (pdf)


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What Our Customers Say

Chief EMS & Interior Design/ VA Health Care System


"Hello and Good Morning Dana! Last weekend EMS did a test of your JEWEL floor care product & the results were outstanding! Going forward, this will be added to the permanent inventory list. Tonight, I have instructed the Night Supervisor to completely strip & wax the 2nd floor."

Vincent H/ Public Works Director


"As a Public Works Director in Ohio, my guys enjoy using the Wash & Wax for our vehicles and the Cherry Sewer Sweetener for our sanitary manholes. We have also used the Floating Lift Station Degreaser which has saved us a lot of time & labor in cleaning the grease from the walls of our  lift stations. And I MUST add, working with Dana over these past many years (I lost track of how long it's been!), has been an absolute pleasure! She is truly a breath of fresh air and a very hard & dedicated saleswoman!"

Larry V/ Chief EVS

maintenance man cleaning hospital

"I had to take the time to give a quick review on the products we purchase from your company and the overall effects they have on the medical facilities that I am  in charge of maintaining. Specifically the Citra-Fresh Odor Control and the Bio-Flow® grease trap maintainer. I have been using these products for over the past 10 years and they have had a very profound result in controlling disturbing odors within the trash room &  the drains. We look forward to many years of continued business with your company!"

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